Basic DNAs needed for Ancestry DNA testing

Ancestry DNA testing

If you want to go for Ancestry DNA testing then you can do 3 types of basic DNA testing like Mitochondrial, Autosomal and Paternal testing. You can easily predict your ancestry by these DNAs. Paternal or Y-DNA is very helpful where you want to know about ancestry from father’s side of the family. As only males contain Y- chromosomes, it means only males can be tested for Y-DNA testing.

In Autosomal DNA testing, there is no use of sex chromosomes i.e. X & Y and hence we can determine ancestry from either side of the family. The main benefit of this DNA testing is that you can know about long-term ancestry. But, Ancestry DNA testing from Autosomal DNA has only one drawback that you can’t know that from which side of your family got long-term ancestry DNA.

Mitochondrial DNA testing is different from Paternal and Autosomal DNA testing. This DNA is inherited only from mothers. We can know the relation between 2 females by Mitochondrial or mtDNA testing. It has the same limitation as of paternal DNA testing that you can know about ancestry only from one side of the family.

Above mentioned DNAs are important for calculating Ancestry DNA testing. You can find ancestry services anywhere in the USA. For example; for the location of Cincinnati, search as “DNA ancestry test Cincinnati” and you will find lots of options regarding Ancestry DNA testing. Face DNA Test experts also can help you in determining your family ancestry.

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