How Amniocentesis and CVS can help in diagnosing fetal genetic diseases

genetic diseases

Prenatal DNA testing includes mainly two tests: Amniocentesis and CVS. These tests are very helpful to find genetic diseases before the birth of your baby. It is good that you go for these tests in advance as if there is any abnormality then it can be treated on time. Parents can know about genetic diseases or chromosomal problems before birth which helps them in making good decisions for the health of their baby. Both tests Amniocentesis and CVS are briefly described below:

How Amniocentesis is done:

This test involves the removal of amniotic fluid from the uterus. In this case, a doctor inserts a needle through the abdomen into the uterus and then a doctor withdraws some fluid which is sent to the laboratory for evaluation, and from this, doctors diagnose genetic diseases, infections, or signs of lung development.

How CVS is done:

In CVS, doctors remove a small portion of placenta tissue from the uterus. This sample then sent to the laboratory for further testing. It involves two steps:

  • A thin tube is inserted into the vagina to get placenta tissue. The doctor uses ultrasound images for guiding the catheter to the spot.
  • In another way, a needle is inserted through the abdomen and then this needle takes placenta tissue from the uterus. As the same as the previous step, ultrasound is used to guide the needle.

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