Affordable Paternity facial recognition and its procedure

Paternity facial recognition

Paternity facial recognition TX helps in getting paternity results with the help of facial recognition software. This is very easy to do and also very affordable. In facial recognition, only facial features are matched. Here, image and video datasets are compared and then results are taken out. The facial recognition process is also very important in finding missing people & catching criminals.

The procedure of facial recognition process:

Face DNA Test uses the Electronic DNA Facial Point Connectivity (EDFPC) biometric process which manually scan all the facial features like eyes, Jawline, the thickness of lips, forehead, and chin contours and then compares these traits with the other person’s face structures. By this, you can easily predict the genetic traits which were inherited from parents.

This EDFPC is very effective as it contains a 60+ point facial connectivity system which can scan your face very easily and results are also very accurate. This process is very quick and affordable. You just need to upload your pictures and can get results in 24 hours. Cheap DNA testing in Houston is here to help you in getting Face DNA Tests under your budget. Here, you will also get free DNA testing consultations and can clear your doubts. After the testing, you will get your PDF result copy by Email.

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