Twins DNA Testing and know about Identical & fraternal twins

Sibling DNA testing helps you in getting the results about individuals of the same biological parent. This test is very simple even you can do this at home. We can find all the information about their identical genes. Twins DNA testing is a case when two babies are born from a single egg or two eggs simultaneously. In detailed, twins are categorized into identical twins and fraternal twins.

Identical twins: These twins are born by fertilizing of a single egg. We also pronounce this as a Monozygotic. Here, babies look alike and also have the same characteristics and gender.

Fraternal twins: These twins are Dizygotic because they are born from two different eggs; fertilized by two different sperms. In fraternal twins, babies are of different gender and also have different characteristics.

There are some unique cases of fraternal twins

Twins of different ages: These twins are very rare as very fewer chances that pregnant women can conceive again.

Twins with different fathers: It is also called as a Heteropaternal Superfecundation. Here, an egg is fertilized by two different fathers’ sperms in the same ovulation cycle. Very common in the animal but rare in human beings.

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