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Legal DNA Paternity Test in Fontana, CA

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DNA Tests in Fontana, California

Do you want to confirm or rule out whether the child you are carrying is from the possible father? Or do you want to determine whether your supposed family members are biologically related to you?

Our DNA Paternity Testing in Fontana, CA has never been more precise. When it comes to genetic testing, our DNA testing service is a pioneer. Offering DNA paternity testing services that are precise, practical, reliable, and reasonable. Face DNA wants to make direct testing available throughout Fontana, CA.

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Home Sibling Test Kit
$225 USD

Prenatal Noninvasive NIPP Test
$1695 USD

Legal DNA Testing
$350 USD

Non Legal DNA Testing
$199 USD

Basic Facial Package
$38 USD

Pro Facial Package
$63 USD

Legal Office Sibling Test
$400 USD

Non Legal Office Visit DNA Paternity Test
$250 USD

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Highly Sensitive Legal Paternity Test in Fontana

Legal paternity tests are significant because you may utilize the test findings in court, and we offer these services. A legal document that may be used in court is sent to you as soon as the outcomes of the court-ordered paternity test are confirmed.

Fontana labs with AABB accreditation

The American Association of Blood Banks accredits our labs. Professionals with extensive training and understanding of collecting and managing blood samples are needed for these tests. As a result there is almost zero possibility of a blunder in our processes.

Rapid Test Results within 1–5 Days

Our Fontana DNA testing provides the quickest capability. You can get your Paternity test results within the course of 2-3 days.

Fontana Most Affordable Option for DNA Paternity Testing

When it comes to affordable paternity testing in Fontana, CA no one can beat us in this capability.

Best DNA Paternity Test – Face DNA Test

Blood tests and tissue typing were often employed to determine paternity prior to the development of DNA testing. In modern times, DNA testing has become the superior technique for assessing parentage, replacing almost all earlier methods.

Identifying a child's biological father is a pressing social issue, making paternity testing a need in the present day. However, choosing a reputable facility, such as a Face DNA Test, is recommended to get the most genuine results. 

In order to provide accurate and rapid results for paternity testing, Face DNA Test employs a staff of highly trained professionals. In addition, people who are unable to come to the laboratory themselves may take advantage of our simple online mobile collection service.

Aside from our paternity test, we are open for:

  • Infidelity lab test 
  • Immigration DNA testing 
  • Relationship testing 
  • Ancestry lab testing 
  • DNA paternity test 
  • Drug testing

Grandparent DNA Test (if the father is not available for testing)

Grandparent DNA Test (if the father is not available for testing)

Grandparent DNA Test (if the father is not available for testing)

Grandparent DNA Test (if the father is not available for testing)

DNA Testing Services at Your Doorstep

Facilitating You with fully certified DNA Lab Testing with highly authentic results in the most optimum way.

Why Choose Face DNA Test?

Convenient Home DNA Testing Kits For Fontana Area Families

Located 50 miles east of Los Angeles, within the foothills of the picturesque San Bernardino National Forest, Fontana is home to many entrepreneurial families who immigrated westward. Originally a farming hub, Fontana has transformed into a thriving manufacturing boomtown. Face DNA Test offers relatively inexpensive home DNA test kits to local families, allowing them to receive sophisticated genetic testing insights without needing professional visits. These kits enable the private collection of samples and address enhanced health concerns and ancestral connections.

Private Discreet Home Delivery & Self-Testing

We discreetly deliver safe saliva extraction kits to doorsteps in Fontana, enabling simple self-testing in private home settings. This allows customers to gain confidential knowledge about genetic variables that personalize health hazards and identify relatives without needing public office visits. The kits are sent with obfuscated digital tracking codes that do not provide details about their contents. Comprehensive guidelines enable effortless and precise collection of saliva samples.

Our pre-paid shipping packages allow you to send items safely to our nearby accredited laboratory for sample processing. We preserve accuracy promises by following stringent handling protocols. DIY home test kits offer a way to avoid uneasy clinical procedures and maintain maximum privacy while dealing with emotionally charged intimate circumstances and being highly sensitive to the individual's needs.

Home DNA testing allows Fontana families to maintain secrecy and control over the timing and manner in which they reveal genetic details related to health and family history. This form of testing also reduces expenses compared to certain legal services that still need supervision test collection. Our primary emphasis is safeguarding individual dignity by enabling individuals to use autonomy to make personal judgments.

Rapid Access to Your DNA Insights

Our state-of-the-art laboratory automation system examines home kits, usually generating findings within 1-2 weeks. Once the analysis is complete, you will have secure online access to your unique results through a confidential portal. This portal can be accessed and controlled from any device with internet connectivity. Exercise prudence while sharing information, limiting it to trustworthy healthcare professionals and close family members.

Consultation assistance is still accessible to aid in interpreting what was discovered in your data on health risk signs and inquiries about biological relationships that first led to DNA testing. Science Today supplies prompt and definitive answers.

Adoptive grandparents, especially those who do not have access to comprehensive health records for the foster children in their care, consider home testing kits to be crucial. These tests help guide doctor implementation. by providing customized information on the children's predispositions to illnesses when their medical records fail to provide transparent information. Discreet home solutions provide comfortable management over highly personal family wellness issues.

Additional Services Include:

  • Legal Court-Admissible DNA Testing
  • Direct-to-Consumer Health Risk DNA Screenings
  • Pharmacogenomic Medicine Compatibility Insights
  • Paternity & Ancestry Relationship Mapping
  • Infidelity Investigation Analysis
  • Nutritional & Lifestyle Genomics Consultations

Utilize the Face DNA Test to unravel the intricate workings of your most intimate genetic makeup. Fontana area families should have unrestricted access to DNA testing, which can provide valuable information on wellbeing and awareness of one's. Contact us now to arrange confidential home testing that respects your privacy concerns over information revelations.

Ready to get into DNA diagnostics? Establish your child's paternity with a Face DNA Test today! 

Home DNA Test Kit 

If you are hesitant to visit the DNA testing location, get our DNA testing kit to conduct the testing in the comfort of your own home.

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