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We pioneered the technique. DNA Facial Recognition Testing is quickly becoming the fastest way of DNA testing in the industry!

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If you have questions about DNA testing services, you’ve come to the right place. Our company offers the most reliable DNA tests available anywhere.

We provide a variety of DNA-testing options for you, ranging from Facial Recognition DNA Testing, Ancestral FACE Matching, paternity tests, Legal DNA Test, deceased persons test, noninvasive prenatal tests and much more. As you review our site take a notice of the differences between DNA Face Matching from home and Office Visit DNA Legal Testing. Enjoy yourself and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.


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Is Face DNA Testing better than traditional ancestry testing in 2021?

Face DNA Testing has its pros and cons. One of the biggest concern’s scientist have is the percentage of inaccuracy. 8% of the time facial recognition testing is incorrect. This is a huge reason you can’t use Facial recognition DNA Test results in court. Most the other theories centered around DNA Face Matching seem to be spot on. It’s an affordable, convenient, fast effective way to see if 2 people could be related based on paternal hereditary characteristics. That’s a fancy way to say; do the eyes, nose, eyebrows, dimples, widows peak, cleft chin, etc. match. Most ancestry test on the market take 28 – 31 days to complete. Face DNA Testing results are completed the same day you do your submission as long as you submit prior to 4pm central time. Traditional ancestry test requires you to spit in a tube or swab your mouth and mail the specimen off to a lab. History proves that sometimes these samples get lost in the mail, sometimes are collected incorrectly or sometimes analyzed with inconclusive results. With DNA Face Matching your photos are uploaded right from the convenience of your mobile phone, desktop or tablet. If you’ve completed ancestry test in the past and have been provide results, DNA Face Matching, with facednatest.com, is a great way to confirm accuracy of your previous ancestry test by comparing the faces of different members of your family tree. This can be done at a paternity, grandparent, sibling, aunt / uncle or cousin level. Have fun and get results you can rely on. Don’t guess, get a Face Match DNA Test!

Get Proof Of Relationships Through DNA FACE MATCHING

There are many different ways to find out if two people are related. Our Electronic Facial recognition DNA Test services go far beyond the current measures or science. DNA Face Testing, better known as FACE IT or DNA Face Matching is safe, fast, and affordable.

A paternity test can be crucial when it comes to arranging for child support, custody, visitation or other reasons. Don’t find the cheapest most inexpensive test and think that your results are going to be correct. “You get what you pay for”. Our fee is competitive and offers 100% accurate results. AABB Accredited testing at $350

This will be performed via a simple cheek swab, which will take about 15 minutes total. Please remember to bring valid photo identification with you at the time of testing.

Prenatal noninvasive DNA Paternity test are done BEFORE the baby is born. This is done by drawing blood from the mothers are and a mouth swab from the punitive father. The baby’s DNA can be found in the mother’s blood before delivery, our expert technicians and PHD’s can split the DNA and create a profile for the Child. They would then compare the child’s DNA to the alleged father. It’s just that easy. This can be completed as long as the mother is at least 8 weeks.

Your results will include a complete genetic profile of each person who was tested, along with a description of what was found in terms you can easily understand. You’ll also receive a legal paperwork that will be admissible in the court of law. If you need us to forward the results to a specific attorney or court, please let us know and we’ll take care of it for you.

If you don’t need the information to be legal, you can opt for our home DNA testing services kit. Click here The results are still 100% accurate and reliable, and you’ll be able to perform the test in the privacy of your own home. Simply mail us back the swab in the prepared package, and we’ll take it from there.


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