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Why Face DNA Testing Lab?

Face DNA testing is the most trusted DNA testing lab nationwide, where we offer comprehensive DNA testing services to meet your unique needs. Face DNA is committed to assisting people through our extensive DNA testing services in discovering the mysteries stored inside their genetic code. Whether you're interested in learning more about your history, looking for answers to paternity questions, or learning more about your genetic health, our state-of-the-art laboratory and team of knowledgeable geneticists guarantee the utmost accuracy and anonymity in all our tests.

Face DNA is here to help you decode the wealth of knowledge in your DNA. A number of DNA diagnostics labs are developed with advanced technology to examine genetic material with advance equipment. Face DNA Test is one of the reputable labs that is working to provide accurate and reliable DNA testing . The lab also specializes in DNA testing services for criminal investigations, medical diagnosis, and paternity testing.

Types of Test We Offer

We provide testing from all backgrounds, whether occupational, biological or need any kind of confirmation. Let’s explore them in detail.

Immigration DNA Testing

At Face DNA, we recognize the significance of immigration testing in reuniting families and facilitating legal immigration processes. The Face DNA test is your trusted partner. We are here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless and stress-free process for your immigration DNA testing needs.

DNA Ancestry Test

Unearth the rich tapestry of your ancestry and embark on an enlightening journey of self-discovery today. We are the most trusted DNA testing lab, you can test ancestry test, and you will be informed 100% accurately to which region you vastly belong. We have a rich database of people which helps in locating the ancestry. Our dedicated customers have trusted us with over 20 million DNA tests.

Infidelity DNA Testing

Infidelity DNA testing is a specialized service that employs advanced genetic analysis to uncover potential instances of cheating within relationships. At Face DNA, we analyze DNA samples found on personal items to determine whether there is evidence of a third party’s genetic material.

Noninvasive Paternity Test

Face DNA offers a secure & safe noninvasive test for the mom who is pregnant; the DNA test pregnancy profile of the baby is determined from the cells present in the mom’s blood sample. The baby’s profile is compared to the DNA profile of the man tested—a simple mouth swab collects his DNA.

Court-Admissible DNA Testing

Face DNA orders for a paternity test to locate a child’s biological father. You need a partner you can trust in these legal problems. With the assistance of trained, credentialed, and qualified employees, DNA testing lab near me provides these services in an accurate, dependable, and private manner.

Forensic DNA Testing

Forensic DNA is often used in solving a crime, but it’s also useful in issues involving inheritance or relationships to a deceased person. Utilizing DNA profiling as Forensic DNA evidence is one example. Blood, hair, semen, saliva, bone, and tissue are all sources of DNA.

At-Home DNA Test Kit

You can get the DNA test kits at-home versions you must buy directly from our website. Typically, you’ll order a kit online from Face IT DNA, which will be delivered to your doorstep. A sample will be mailed back to the Face DNA lab near your location. Your results may return electronically within 3 – 7 business days after receiving your sample.

Paternity Test

A paternity test lab determines whether the father is the biological father of a specific child. A paternity test will examine the child’s and prospective father’s DNA profiles. The two DNA profiles are then contrasted to see if there is a biological link.

Face DNA App

Face matching app is our most advanced and trending product, where you can check the result with just a glimpse of your eye. The app is easy to use and quick to cater to. Simply upload the picture; meanwhile, you will get the result in the run time.

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Purchase facial recognition DNA testing and get same day result by Simply uploading the picture from your mobile or desktop.

DNA Face Matching Is All Done Right From Your Mobile Phone Or Desktop In 3 Easy Steps


Select your package above & make Payment


Upload your picture right from your Mobile phone or Desktop (No office visit needed, all done from the convenience of your home)


Wait for your result to arrive to your email

Our Most Popular DNA Tests

Select a Category To Answer Your Life’s Most Significant Questions.

Service 1

Office Visit Legal Paternity Test


Trustworthy & accredited legal DNA test for indisputable proof.

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Service 2

Office Visit Non Legal Paternity Test


Discover Your Genetic Truth with our convenient office visit DNA Paternity Test. Get Fast, Reliable Results

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Service 3

At Home Paternity Test


Discover Your Genetic Truth with Our Affordable Home Paternity Test Kit.

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Service 1

Face Recognition App


Unleash the power of our Face recognition app to find your perfect lookalike match!

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Service 2

Non Invasive DNA Test


Experience the Accuracy of Our Non-invasive DNA Test Today!

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Service 3

Relationship DNA Testing


Discover the ties that bind with our comprehensive DNA test.

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How Does The Face Recognition App work?


Download the mobile application.


Upload 2 photos or selfies.


Report will be sent to your email.

Service 2

Get Face Matching App

Service 3

Service 3


DNA results are ran twice with 99.9% probability of paternity. They are signed by the PhD and notarized by the laboratory notary.

Quick Results

Paternity results completed in 1 – 3 days after the lab receives your sample. Face Match results finish the same day of submission.


Home testing kits are mailed privately in unmarked packaging. You have the option of protecting your results with a verbal password. We don’t sale your DNA results to 3rd party companies.


We offer a $50 price beat guarantee under any AABB accredited laboratory with a lower fee for comparable services. We’re confident you’ll be pleased with our laboratory services..


Real Reviews From Clients

My pro results matched my basic results. I paid for the pro test to get more thorough results. Everything lined up. The percentages were easy to read but thanks for taking the time to reexplain everything and taking my pestering calls.
This was perfect for our child support case. Just wanted to say many thanks!
Our attorney recommended you guys for our sons birth certificate update. Very impressed with the customer service, patience, price. Thanks. This was a game changer for us.

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