DNA Face Matching is a technique that allows experts to compare one person’s face to another and suggest a possibility of relationship. This is commonly done with a Father & Child, but with recent advancements, DNA Face Matching now available to Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Siblings and potential Cousins.

Our customers tell us DNA Face Matching is an awesome way to verify if the results you’ve received from another companies Genealogy DNA test are truly accurate. Cool right! Once you receive your ancestry test report from any company, including ours, perform a DNA Face Matching analysis. Its lots of fun and results are fast.

DNA Face Matching uses a similar theory as present day Facial Recognition Technology. Facial Recognition is generally completed in three steps: Detection, Faceprint Creation, and Verification or Identification.

A Face print is like a fingerprint record, a Face print is a set of characteristics and shapes that specifically identify one person’s particular face. Elements of a Face print include the remote locations of facial features like eyes, lips, eyebrows, nose shape etc. Someone with larger lips, high cheekbones and a larger nose will have a very different Face print from someone with smaller lips, lower cheekbones and a smaller nose. When we compare the pictures of 2 different individuals, we can provide a written break down of facial and hereditary characteristics that are similar and those that differ. There’s no way of predicting with 100% accuracy, but our clients find it comforting to have a skilled second opinion on their photos. That’s what we provide, and we do it well.

An algorithm known as Electronic DNA Facial Point Connectivity “EDFPC” is a bio metric process that uses unique patterns to manually scan human faces. Electronic DNA Facial Point Connectivity scans the human face and then compares related facial traits to another person’s facial traits. This process allows experts to determine certain genetic traits inherited from an alleged family member. Electronic DNA Facial Point Connectivity assist in manually scanning the structure of the eyes, chin, forehead, jaw edge, the thickness of lips, width of mouth, dimples, eyebrow patterns, nose radius, ear shape, the structure of cheekbones, etc.

Electronic DNA Facial Point Connectivity uses a 60+ Point Facial Connectivity system to assist in determining the genetic relationship of an alleged family member. A mouth swab or blood DNA test is the only way to know at 99% whether or not 2 people are truly related. DNA Face Matching only offers a hypothesis or suggestion of possible relationship and is occasionally incorrect. Its lots of fun and offers same day results.
Start your facial scan today and save time and money in getting your DNA paternity questions answered!

“FACE IT™, uses DNA Face Matching algorithms to assist in manually scanning the structure of the eyes, chin, forehead, jaw edge, thickness of lips, width of mouth, dimples, eyebrow patterns, nose radius, ear size, structure of cheek bones, etc. The fee for the BASIC Package is $38 and the fee for the PRO Package is $63.” The fee for any of our Ancestry Face Matching services is $99. This compares the faces of two possible siblings, cousins, grandparents or aunt and uncle to a niece or nephew.

11 facial features

Studies Extended Facial Traits

Manual Expert Review of Photos Submitted

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Studies Hereditary Traits & Characteristics (Includes Extended Study of ):

Cleft Chin

Widow's Peak



Hair Color

Eye Color


Eyebrows Connected

Blood Type


Reports Kept on File For 1 year

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Studies Hereditary Traits AND Photos

Father & Child




Father & Child







Aunt / Uncle









Face DNA Testing


Possibility of relationship is determined by calculating the Total Possible Match Locations with the Actually Match Locations found by comparing both pictures and any hereditary characteristic information submitted. The objective in proving relationship is to rank as high as possible with each section of the Total Possible Match Locations. The lower the Actual Match Location the less likely the two individuals are related. These numbers are tabulated into a graph format. After calculating the findings, if the Total Match Percentage is under 50% this would suggest that the two parties analyzed would NOT share relationship. If the number is over 50%, it would strongly suggest relationship. In either case a recommendation to follow up with an actual DNA paternity test may be suggested.

Layman Terms: If your results are over 50% that would suggest that the two people are related. The closer you get a 100% match, the more likely the two people are related.

3 Easy Steps:

Electronic DNA Facial Point Connectivity allows a family to have Facial Point Connectivity results in under 24 hours.

1. Select the facial package best for you and make your payment.

2. Upload your photos (Please remove eyeglasses where possible). Answer the brief personal trait questionnaire (Mothers Information is not needed but encouraged if available).

3. Your Electronic DNA Facial Point Connectivity will be calculated. An expert staff member will calculate your Facial Point Connectivity and the answers from your questionnaire and have same day answers for you.  

*In order to have same day results please submit your questionnaire and photos prior to 4:00 pm Central. Information submitted after that time will be calculated and released the following day (even on weekends) Prior to 9:00 pm Central time. Holidays or technical issues may interfere with result release times.

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Electronic DNA Facial Point Connectivity is the fastest way available to assist an answering DNA Paternity and Ancestry questions. It offers:

  • 24 hour Results
  • Easy to Upload Picture Software
  • Complete your DNA Profile questionnaire in the privacy of your own home
  • Expert Review of Report Findings
  • Free DNA Testing Consultation
  • Emailed PDF Copy of Results