Add a father or child for free!

DNA testing is becoming more and more popular. Some families don’t know whether to do a court admissible legal test or personal test in the office. Others decide to do a home test for personal reasons or an ancestry test. Our experts are here to answer any question you may have so that you make the best decision. We’re also the first and only accredited laboratory that allows you to add an additional father or one additional child for FREE. This way you get the best evidence possible as to who the father is of a child is. These are very important questions that we take seriously from a laboratory perspective. Our PhD’s will sign off on the DNA Results and if it’s needed for legal purposes, we’ll also notarized report. At times notarized DNA results will allow you to use your results in court without even having to have an attorney. Since our laboratory is one of the largest Laboratories in the entire world, we’re able to sign off on the results so that you can present them in the court of law.

1. Pay the full fee for legal DNA testing services.
2. Schedule your appointment to have the participants coming to your local office to be tested. Just give us a call now we'll get you scheduled. (833) 322-3362
3. Mention the coupon add on and we’ll adjust your total.


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This allows you to test one extra father at no cost or one extra child at no fee. That’s right, you pay for one father and one child and add an additional person completely FREE. *All participants need to be scheduled and tested at the same time and day. Once testing starts you can’t add any additional people at no charge. You will have to pay to add a person after testing has begun.