What’s the difference from the Face DNA Test Pro Package and the Basic Package?

With the Pro Package it goes into even further details. As you may have learned back in science or biology class, generally a cleft chin is something that’s inherited as well as dimples, widow’s peak, freckles and other hereditary characteristics. facednatest.com allows you to check blood types. Use our online blood type chart and look up the blood type of a person as well and do a comparison to see from the very start if the blood types match or not. Here’s are chart https://facednatest.com/blood-type-compatibility/

Did you know some eye colors theoretically never produce other eye colors genetically? Check out our online eye color chart and see if your eyes scientifically match your child’s eyes. https://facednatest.com/eye-color/

The Basic Package for face comparing is very effective as well. It’s a bit more affordable and still offers same day results. The Basic Package works well if you don’t know specific facial features of one of the participants. Maybe you’ve come across photos of a family member online or through online ancestry testing. In these cases, depending on the picture quality, you may not have clear details on the persons eye color, dimples, blood types or other hereditary features.

Take a look at the difference below!

For Father & Child

Studies Facial Traits

Manual Expert Review of Photos Submitted

Email PDF Copy of Results

Anonymously Submit Photos

Priority Speed in Completing Your report

Studies Hereditary Traits & Characteristics (Includes Extended Study of ):

Cleft Chin

Widow's Peak



Hair Color

Eye Color


Eyebrows Connected

Blood Type


Reports Kept on File For 1 year

Phone Call Consultation After Results

Studies Hereditory Traits AND Photos

Basic Face It Package


Pro Face It Package