Home DNA Test Versus Home Face DNA Matching

How a Home DNA Kit Works

Each company works a little differently. Some families want to check their DNA results online and track when the lab receives their samples and check to estimated due date is. Other don’t want to have to register a DNA kit and all the other mumbo-jumbo. Other families want an email to notify them their samples have been received and when they’re expected to complete. In most situations the stress of remembering an online login ID & password is frustrating. In other cases, privacy and confidentiality are of upmost importance, therefore families don’t want any emails or phone calls. Regardless of the way you want to be notified FaceDNAtest.com has you covered.

How a Home Face DNA Test Work

Client say FACE DNA testing is easiest and most affordable. This is widely noted because everything is submitted from a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Results are completed in a matter of hours and delivered directly to your email. The results are derived from scientifically comparing one person’s face to another and finding the things that are similar and those that are different. It’s a terrific test of anatomy with incredible consistency. You can login online to check results or simply find them in your email. The trademarked FACE MATCH SYSTEM gives you a detailed breakdown of how the results are concluded. Millions of families have fell in love with DNA FACE MATCHING.

Electronic DNA Facial Point Connectivity uses a 60+ Point Facial Connectivity system to assist in determining the genetic relationship of an alleged family member. A mouth swab or blood DNA test is the only way to know at 99% whether or not 2 people are truly related. DNA Face Matching only offers a hypothesis or suggestion of possible relationship and is occasionally incorrect. Its lots of fun and offers same day results.

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Swab, Scrape, Spit; Which Method is Better

FaceDNAtest.com has the simplest DNA extraction process; just swab each cheek for 30 seconds with a cotton swab and place the swabs in the DNA envelope we provide. Our customers tell us the Q-Tip mouth swab method is easier and more trusted that spitting in a tube or scraping your mouth with a tool. Its wise not to eat, drink, or smoke for 30 minutes to an hour prior to testing to get the best possible sample.
Your name will always appear on your results unless you chose not to have it listed. This way your report is more personal and 100% confidential.
Once you’ve shipped your sample, it’s waiting time. Mailed in samples for relationship testing (sibling, aunt/uncle, grandparent, etc.) only takes 5 – 6 working days. Paternity testing (father and child) only takes 2 – 3 days to complete.

DNA Facial Recognition
Face DNA Test Match
DNA Face Recognition


Possibility of relationship is determined by calculating the Total Possible Match Locations with the Actually Match Locations found by comparing both pictures and any hereditary characteristic information submitted. The objective in proving relationship is to rank as high as possible with each section of the Total Possible Match Locations. The lower the Actual Match Location the less likely the two individuals are related. These numbers are tabulated into a graph format. After calculating the findings, if the Total Match Percentage is under 50% this would suggest that the two parties analyzed would NOT share relationship. If the number is over 50%, it would strongly suggest relationship. In either case a recommendation to follow up with an actual DNA paternity test may be suggested.

Layman Terms: If your results are over 50% that would suggest that the two people are related. The closer you get a 100% match, the more likely the two people are related.