Facial Methodology

Possibility of relationship is determined by calculating the Total Possible Match Locations with the Actually Match Locations found by comparing both pictures and any hereditary characteristic information submitted. The objective in proving relationship is to rank as high as possible with each section of the Total Possible Match Locations. The lower the Actual Match Location the less likely the two individuals are related. These numbers are tabulated into a graph format. After calculating the findings, if the Total Match Percentage is under 50% this would suggest that the two parties analyzed would NOT share relationship. If the number is over 50%, it would strongly suggest relationship. In either case a recommendation to follow up with an actual DNA paternity test may be suggested.

Face Match DNA™ Facial Recognition Testing Theory

The theory behind DNA Face Matching is very straight forward. Face IT DNA Technology LLC takes a private, anonymous approach towards DNA Facial Recognition. The same theory used by social media platforms to tag someone in a photo is the same explorative approach Face IT DNA uses. The difference: facednatesting.com and its scientific partners uses DNA Facial Recognition to compare one person’s face to another to suggest relationship? The short of the long is that Facial Recognition gives you the opportunity of tagging an individual based on their facial features. There are certain particulars that a computer can detect to see if a person is truly that person. The tagging concept was not invented by Face IT DNA Technology LLC. but theory behind tagging is undisputedly one of the greatest scientific accomplishments of the 21st Century.

Not only is tagging huge… That fact that a person can use their face to log into a mobile device, a computer or even the Facial Recognition technology used to unlock a door at an office building is mega. Technicians can scan a person’s eye, or in this case their face, and the computer can recognize it in order to unlock the device. The possibilities of facial recognition are endless. Now you can scan a person’s face and compare it to another person and match certain facial traits of both of their faces! Not only that, but the DNA Facial Recognition system is able to study the genetic hereditary characteristics of an individual. That’s taught in your 6th grade biology class from crying out loud. This is no secret. “Genetics is ever evolving while never changing”, Lawrence Reese. A widow’s peak is an inherited trait, a clef chin has to be passed from a family line. If your family line doesn’t have a clef chin, odds are, YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE ONE. If you do, think about it, the possibilities of being related are reduced.

Studying both hereditary characteristics with the technology of Electronic DNA Facial Recognition we can now get high enough accuracy to suggest if two people are related. This would indicate whether or not a paternity test though either blood or a mouth swab is necessary.

Its affordable, its fast and its accurate! It’s being suggested in the industry now more than ever. For more information or to upload your photo and complete payment, visit facednatest.com. Privy yourself to not only a wealth of knowledge, but answers that may have been a concern for a while.

Don’t run from your DNA concerns, FACE IT!