Have you ever thought about testing an aunt, uncle, grandparent or sibling to discover relationship? Sometimes people want to test their twins to see if they’re identical or fraternal, for example. Our Electronic Facial DNA services go far beyond the current measures or science. These findings can be determined by a lab-based DNA test or by using DNA Face Matching using EDFPC. That’s correct, DNA Facial Recognition. FaceIT DNA can take care of any of your needs when it comes to relationship DNA tests. Reach out to us so we can help. Below are several types of relationship tests that we can set up:

Siblings DNA
With DNA testing, we’ll be able to prove whether two people share the same parents, are half-siblings or not related at all. With our siblingship test we use a minimum of 22 genetic markers and we don’t charge more money if more markers are needed to determine relationship. Most labs charge more, WE DON’T! The cost ranges from $440 to $490, depending on the type of test you need. Sibling DNA Face Matching $99.
Grandparent DNA
In these cases, we recommend that both grandparents, if possible, take the DNA test to determine if a child is biologically related to them. The prices for grandparentage tests (depending on the number of people tested and whether they are legally binding for court) range from $440 to $490. Grandparent DNA Face Matching $99.
Y-Chromosome DNA testing
This chromosome is found only in males and passes down from father to son. All men or boys in the same family, including cousins and uncles, share the same Y-chromosome. These can be beneficial in determining the parentage of a child. The fee for this test is $440. This is the total cost. NOT per person. We don’t charge more if you need the test notarized for legal purposes.
Twin zygosity testing
Oddly enough if 2 people look alike they still may not be identical twins. Sometimes, it can be determined during delivery whether twins are identical or fraternal. Still, this is not a definitive ruling; only a DNA test will reveal the proof. The fees range from $440. We don’t charge more if you need the test notarized for legal purposes.
Avuncular testing
If you need to find out if someone is a biological aunt or uncle to a child, we can assist. The fee is $440. We don’t charge more if you need the test notarized for legal purposes. Avuncular DNA Face Matching $99.
Mitochondrial DNA testing
This type of DNA is passed down the maternal line from mother to both daughter and son, but the son doesn’t pass it down afterward. The cost for testing one person is $440. We don’t charge more if you need the test notarized for legal purposes.
Face Match DNA

The DNA testing process

Starting the DNA process is easier than you may think. It involves a quick swab of the cheek to get the DNA. This can be done at our local office or in the privacy of your own home. For a free consultation or to arrange for a test, please call our office 833-322-3362. One of our knowledgeable consultants will discuss your situation and can walk you through the entire process. Same day appointments are usually available. Try to give us a one-day notice when possible. All office visits require an appointment. We have a network of collection sites in all 50 states for your convenience. If you’re interested in learning more about relationship DNA tests, contact our office today. We’re here to help! 833-322-3362