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Legal DNA Paternity Test in Fresno, CA

We Offer Fast, Accurate, and court-admissible DNA Paternity Testing in Fresno, CA

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DNA Tests in Fresno, California

Do you want to confirm or rule out whether the child you are carrying is from the possible father? Or do you want to determine whether your supposed family members are biologically related to you?

Our DNA Paternity Testing in Fresno, CA has never been more precise. When it comes to genetic testing, our DNA testing service is a pioneer. Offering DNA paternity testing services that are precise, practical, reliable, and reasonable. Face DNA wants to make direct testing available throughout Fresno, CA.

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Home Sibling Test Kit
$225 USD

Prenatal Noninvasive NIPP Test
$1695 USD

Legal DNA Testing
$350 USD

Non Legal DNA Testing
$199 USD

Basic Facial Package
$38 USD

Pro Facial Package
$63 USD

Legal Office Sibling Test
$400 USD

Non Legal Office Visit DNA Paternity Test
$250 USD

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Highly Sensitive Legal Paternity Test in Fresno

Legal paternity tests are significant because you may utilize the test findings in court, and we offer these services. A legal document that may be used in court is sent to you as soon as the outcomes of the court-ordered paternity test are confirmed.

Fresno labs with AABB accreditation

The American Association of Blood Banks accredits our labs. Professionals with extensive training and understanding of collecting and managing blood samples are needed for these tests. As a result there is almost zero possibility of a blunder in our processes.

Rapid Test Results within 1–5 Days

Our Fresno DNA testing provides the quickest capability. You can get your Paternity test results within the course of 2-3 days.

Fresno Most Affordable Option for DNA Paternity Testing

When it comes to affordable paternity testing in Fresno, CA no one can beat us in this capability.

Discover Your Child's Paternity with DNA Paternity Test - Face DNA Test

Revolutionary in its ability to provide surprising insights about one's genetic make-up, DNA testing is becoming more prevalent. The findings of these tests are very precise and can be used to demonstrate a person's biological relationship to another.

Seeking answers about your child's paternity? Look no further than Face DNA Test. We offer a convenient and reliable way to determine paternity through DNA testing. Our services are highly accurate and provide peace of mind for those wishing to confirm or exclude a biological tie.

Here at Face DNA Test, we offer a low-cost DNA paternity test that can give you conclusive findings to put an end to any legal difficulties. Also, you can utilize the information gleaned from these tests to paint a unique picture of your family tree.

Our portfolio has been expanded in contrast to our DNA paternity test to include:

  • Non-invasive prenatal testing
  • Court-admissible DNA test
  • Drug testing
  • Relationship testing
  • Immigration testing


Grandparent DNA Test (if the father is not available for testing)

Grandparent DNA Test (if the father is not available for testing)

Grandparent DNA Test (if the father is not available for testing)

Grandparent DNA Test (if the father is not available for testing)

DNA Testing Services at Your Doorstep

Facilitating You with fully certified DNA Lab Testing with highly authentic results in the most optimum way.

Why Choose Face DNA Test?

Demystifying Fidelity Doubts with DNA Investigations in Fresno, California

The city of Fresno, located in the agriculturally abundant Central Valley, supports families who settle there to sustain the region's production of crops. However, when the foundations of relationships are compromised by obscured pain caused by suspected fraud, which erodes the bonds of intimacy concealed by forced silence, rebuilding trust requires confronting the truth. This allows cooperation to either reconcile based on honest and informed actions or make the difficult choice to end relationships that lack candidness.

To avoid impulsive actions fueled by incomplete information, which could exacerbate already strained relationships characterized by distrust, couples in Fresno can rely on the Face DNA Test for discreet DNA analysis of their relationship. This involves carefully obtaining genetic samples from suspicious personal items to figure out if there have been any undisclosed extramarital affairs during periods of fluctuation loyalty.

The Painful Disintegration of Trust

When there is an unexplained emotional distance between once-loving partners, suspicions may arise from subtle signs such as secretive digital communications, frequently locked devices, or unanticipated canceled memorable getaways. These doubts can intensify and erode affection when a lack of communication and incertitude persists without concrete evidence.

The slow rise in concealed knowledge within a relationship significantly threatens the deep psychological connection between partners. This can lead to negative emotions such as resentment, insecurity, jealousy, and confusion, which can persist over time in circumstances lacking openness. Ultimately, this can result in a decline in individual wellbeing and destabilize the romantic partnership. To restore stability and promote mental health, the truth must be revealed, implementing an end to the unhealthy cycle of uncertainty and skepticism.

DNA Testing Settles Uncertainty

Instead of making unfounded allegations or causing continued uncertainty that harms relationships, DNA infidelity testing provides a fair and objective method to carefully investigate accusations to seek additional information before addressing partners. This enables individuals to make educated personal choices during stressful periods, relying on factual certainties rather than reactive assumptions influenced by constrained decisions driven by intense emotions and wounded self-worth - thereby strengthening them with previously buried wisdom.

How Infidelity DNA Testing Works

  1. Discreet Evidence Collection 

We collect genetic samples from personal things such as bedsheets to analyze the DNA and identify foreign genetic traces that suggest the presence of sexual interaction with someone outside of the marriage. Discovering not having proof brings tranquility by resolving uncertainties.

  1. Confidential Analysis
    Submitted samples undergo confidential processing at our recognized laboratory, according to rigorous forensic testing methods, to ensure the accuracy of the result. Clients are notified instantly upon completion of the findings.
  2. Proof Revealed 

If the presence of foreign DNA traces is confirmed, it suggests that there may have been extramarital affairs that have violated trust. In such cases, affected individuals may make informed decisions instead of enduring a painful state of uncertainty that deprives them of dignity and control over their lives.

Preserving Dignity as an Independent Authority

We do meticulous and impartial analysis, prioritizing promptness to provide our clients with clear insights while refraining from making sensational allegations. Our function is limited to analyzing DNA data and does not involve making subjective assessments. We determine whether there is biological evidence indicating that sexual activity occurs outside of the relationship that is being assessed.

The test results are kept entirely under wraps until a judge requests them through legal proceedings. We utilize factual genetic evidence to maintain dignity and justice as an unbiased mediator in dispute resolution, refraining from assigning blame or condemning others. Fresno couples use Face DNA to ensure privacy and gain valuable insights that inform intricate relationship choices based on factual appreciation.

Legal Evidence If Later Necessary

Infidelity testing typically starts as a private matter without the immediate engagement of the legal system. However, if necessary, the use of reliable DNA evidence can provide documentation that is legitimate in court. This can be particularly useful in legal proceedings related to separation, custody battles, passing disputes, or other civil or criminal cases that rely on DNA-validated testimony regarding revelations about fidelity.

All Face DNA Testing adheres to governmental chain-of-custody compliance regulations, guaranteeing that the gathered samples can survive an investigation in a court of law. Our meticulous forensic handling protocols ensure the confidentiality of client names and the reliability of evidence unless a judge legitimately demands access to particular case reports through relevant evidentiary requests for assistance.

Additional Services

  • Legal Court-Admissible DNA Testing
  • Home-Based Relationship DNA Tests
  • Paternity Confirmation Services
  • Custom DNA Health Risk Screenings
  • Genealogical Ancestry Testing
  • Nutritional & Lifestyle Genomics

Face DNA Test depends on a regional partner that helps Central Valley families during difficult times caused by fidelity-related uncertainties. We understand the importance of factual understanding in healing strained relationships that are obscured behind walls of secrecy. If you are facing these kinds of obstacles, please get in touch with us today. We offer confidential interviews to discuss customized testing options that can help reestablish trust by confronting the realities.

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