In some cases, results are needed for legal purposes. This is important if there are issues involving custody, visitation or child support, for example. 

Myth: The hospital can make you sign the birth certificate before leaving.

Fact of the matter: Not true. Most States allow 30 – 60 days to sign the paperwork presented by the hospital after birth. Contact us for specific details on your State. 833-322-3362

Myth: If a father signs his name on the birth certificate he’s STUCK!

Fact of the matter: Not true: In 2012 a law was passed called “Fathers Rights”. This allows a father to use an accredited lab to prove he is or is not the father. If its proven that he is not related he can then not only remove his name from the birth certificate, but because of any bond that may have been created with the child, have continued visitation rights if the wrongfully accused fathers so chooses.

Obviously, establishing paternity is a very important matter to resolve. The child deserves to have both names listed on his or her birth certificate and to be legally and emotionally supported by both. If you need to know more about court-administered DNA testing, call one of our consultants today.


Why a DNA court ruling matters

Let’s say an alleged father agrees to pay his portion of child support. If he fails to do so, there’s no legal recourse for him if a DNA test was never performed. The court will not be able to make any orders regarding this situation.

On the other hand, if the man welcomed the child into his home and acted as if the baby were his, the court can rule that to be “parentage by estoppel” and make the paternity declaration that way.

Still, when there’s any question about who the biological parents are, it’s a very good idea to get a DNA test for proof. A child gets half of his or her DNA from the mother and half from the father, so it’s a very accurate way to establish parentage.

We’ll perform the test by swabbing the cheeks of the alleged father and child (mother optional). We can do this by having a consultant come to you or by the participants going to one of our many locations across the country.