By Thomas E. Lewis on 2021-11-11
I used Face DNA Ancestry DNA tests, which provided me with a fascinating journey into my genetic heritage, with detailed ethnicity estimates and ancestral insights.

By Jon F. Hupp on 2022-02-23
Connecting with potential relatives through ancestry DNA matches on Face DNA adds a personal and enriching dimension to the testing experience.

By Kenny N. Myers on 2022-10-20
The Ancestry DNA is a historical records database that is valuable for building a comprehensive family tree and tracing one's lineage in Face DNA.

By Louis R. Drake on 2023-06-14
Face DNA prioritizes data privacy, offering users control over how their genetic information is shared and used. I had my ancestry DNA test with them, and they showed all the professional and good behavior.

By Ann P. Grady on 2023-10-19
While primarily focused on genealogy, Ancestry DNA tests are an accessible and rewarding option for those interested in exploring their family history by Face DNA.

By Wanda W. Hall on 2020-11-12
I was very curious about my boyfriend's late arrival at home daily. Every time, he arrives late and goes early in the morning. And is always tired. Moreover, he was never an early-morning person. Now wakes up early. This really brought me into the investigative mind. I consulted Face DNA and opted for the Infidelity test, and my doubt was cleared. Thank you, Face DNA, for this help.

By Glenda C. House on 2023-01-11
It is never easy to opt for the Infidelity test, but Face DNA's staff are so welcoming and their warm welcome made my mood much better and everything went so smoothly. Luckily, what I was thinking, that didn't turn around.

By Chris C. Palma on 2022-05-13
My wife works in a marketing agency where all the men work, which makes me very worried about her character. I wasn't resisting and did an Infidelity test. Fortunately, it was just my doubt; my wife didn't know about it. Otherwise, this relationship would be over. Thanks to Face DNA for testing even a minute sample.

By Travis N. Johnson on 2020-10-07
My wife accused me of cheating, and she didn't believe me. Thank God James told me about the Face DNA and infidelity test. This saved my life.

By Crystal S. Colbert on 2022-08-31
My daughter always used to cry and say his husband is cheating on him. He doesn't like to spend time with her. He is always occupied at weekends and after office hours. I came across Face DNA's infidelity testing. And my daughter was right. Her husband was having extramarital affairs with his manager. It is devasting for us. But at least it gave us absurdity.

By Lynn R. Monk on 2022-06-16
I used a noninvasive paternity test from Face DNA, and the process was straightforward. The results were accurate and brought peace of mind to my family.

By Nancy C. Reed on 2020-09-16
Initially sceptical, but the noninvasive paternity test from Face DNA exceeded my expectations. It was discreet reliable, and the results were delivered promptly.

By Adell J. Duncan on 2021-09-24
The noninvasive paternity test from Face DNA offered the convenience of a simple blood draw. The results were scientifically sound and gave us the answers we needed.

By Joyce R. Hill on 2023-01-06
As a concerned parent, I opted for a noninvasive paternity test with Face DNA. The professionalism, accuracy, and discretion of their service impressed me.

By Casey M. Heard on 2023-07-21
I'm grateful for the noninvasive paternity test from Face DNA. It was non-disruptive, produced trustworthy results, and allowed us to move forward confidently.

By Michael J. Strickler on 2023-09-20
I required a court-admissible DNA test for a legal matter and chose Face DNA. Their professionalism and adherence to legal standards were impressive. The results were accepted without any issues by the court.

By Joshua H. Dark on 2022-12-21
The court-admissible DNA test from Face DNA provided the crucial evidence I needed for a custody case. The thorough documentation and expert testimony made the process smooth and reliable.

By Brady D. Scott on 2022-06-15
I was skeptical about the court-admissible DNA test, but Face DNA exceeded my expectations. The court accepted the results, and their support throughout the legal process was invaluable.

By Willie T. Knight on 2022-10-06
I can't thank Face DNA enough for their court-admissible DNA test. The results were vital in resolving a paternity dispute, and their expertise ensured the court accepted the evidence.

By Kimberly S. Shock on 2020-10-22
The court-admissible DNA test from Face DNA was the linchpin in my legal case. Their strict adherence to legal standards and the clarity of their reports made all the difference in court.

By James C. Husted on 2022-11-10
I had to rely on forensic DNA testing for a criminal defense case and chose Face DNA. Their professionalism and attention to detail were outstanding, and the results played a crucial role in proving my innocence.

By Jason R. Sweat on 2023-02-07
Forensic DNA testing by Face DNA was instrumental in solving a cold case in our community. Their expertise and dedication to justice were evident throughout the process.

By Gloria S. Vandegrift on 2022-04-15
I was impressed with the precision and reliability of forensic DNA testing from Face DNA. It provided the clarity needed to secure a conviction in a challenging criminal investigation.

By Stacie C. Chamberlin on 2020-12-10
I can't thank Face DNA enough for their advanced forensic DNA testing. It was pivotal in providing answers in a complex ongoing investigation, and their commitment to uncovering the truth is remarkable.

By Sharon G. Douglass on 2021-11-18
The forensic DNA testing conducted by Face DNA was a turning point in a wrongful conviction case. Their work was crucial in establishing the truth and ensuring justice prevailed.

By Luis J. Swift on 2023-08-01
I used the home DNA kit from Face DNA to explore my ancestry, which was an enlightening experience. The user-friendly kit made sample collection easy, and the results provided a fascinating journey into my heritage.

By Patricia D. Thompson on 2022-01-07
I chose Face DNA's home DNA kit for health insights. The process was straightforward, and the detailed reports helped me make informed decisions about my well-being. It's a valuable tool for anyone interested in their genetic health.

By Charles M. Wells on 2021-08-25
The home DNA kit from Face DNA was perfect for reconnecting with relatives. The easy-to-use kit and the ability to connect with newfound family members through their platform made it a heartwarming experience.

By Janet F. Willard on 2023-02-18
I used Face DNA's home DNA kit to verify paternity, and the results were accurate and discreet. It offered peace of mind in a sensitive situation and allowed us to move forward confidently.

By Mary E. Stolz on 2020-10-16
My family and I used Face DNA for immigration DNA testing, and the process was seamless. Their professionalism, accuracy, and support significantly impacted our successful immigration application. We are forever grateful.

By Alfreda A. Loman on 2022-06-17
I needed immigration DNA testing for a visa application, and Face DNA was delivered with precision and speed. The reliable results were accepted without any issues, and their guidance throughout the process was invaluable.

By Charlotte W. Crites. on 2022-03-01
I was initially anxious about immigration DNA testing, but Face DNA put me at ease with their transparency and expertise. Immigration authorities accepted the results, and I'm now united with my family in the U.S.

By Karen H. Ingram on 2023-02-08
The immigration DNA testing services provided by Face DNA were crucial in reuniting me with my loved ones. Their compassionate approach and adherence to legal standards made the process as smooth as possible during a challenging time.

By Karen C. Roger on 2021-12-16
I used Face DNA for DNA paternity testing and couldn't be happier with the results. Their professionalism and accurate testing provided the answers I needed in a challenging situation. It's a trusted service I highly recommend.

By Yvette J. Matthews on 2022-08-18
I was initially hesitant about paternity testing, but Face DNA made the process straightforward and discreet. The results were crucial for legal documentation, and their supportive team guided me throughout the journey.

By John A. Schultz on 2022-08-24
Thanks to Face DNA's DNA paternity testing, I found the peace of mind I needed in a paternity dispute. Their quick turnaround and reliable results helped resolve a complex family situation.

By David J. Brock on 2023-02-17
I appreciate Face DNA's commitment to integrity in paternity testing. The clarity and accuracy of their results were invaluable in confirming my biological relationship with my child. It's a service I trust.

By Antonio R. Lee on 2023-08-31
The DNA paternity testing provided by Face DNA was a game-changer in my life. Their precise testing and empathetic approach made a challenging situation easier to navigate. I can now confidently move forward knowing the truth.

By Bryan J. Terrell on 2023-02-16
The relationship DNA test by Face DNA was crucial in establishing my connection with a family member. The process was seamless, and the results brought closure and joy to our family. Highly recommended.

By Kevin K. Valenzuela on 2022-08-18
I used Face DNA for a relationship DNA test, and the results were a revelation. Their accuracy and professional approach helped me confirm a biological relationship that was critical to me. I'm extremely satisfied with their service.

By Mary G. Davis on 2022-12-15
I can't thank Face DNA] enough for their relationship DNA test. Their expertise and efficient testing gave me the answers I needed to understand my family history better. It was a positive and life-changing experience.

By Michael P. Jeffers on 2021-08-05
The relationship DNA test from Face DNA] played an essential role in uncovering my biological heritage. Their meticulous approach and supportive team made the process both revealing and emotionally satisfying. I'm grateful for their services.

By Chester D. Fisher on 2021-09-09
Facial recognition services were amazing by Face DNA. I loved working with the App. It was very easy to use and quick to answer.

By Marilyn D. Tarry on 2022-08-11
I was fighting with my stepsister that you aren't my dad's children because we aren't black, and we found on the Facial recognition app that we were stepsisters. It was my misconception.

By William R. Curtis on 2021-09-29
The family tree was a very fun part of this App. Loved the App.

By Michele J. Jones on 2023-01-11
I was amazed how an app has so much knowledge, but I know the background is very strong by Face DNA—I loved the accuracy and details.

By James L. Freeman on 2023-07-13
I was hesitant to go to the Lab, so I took the test on my phone using pictures from the gallery, and luckily, all the doubts were cleared.

By Janet P. Major on 2023-07-12
Face matching app is our most advanced and trending product, where you can check the result with just a glimpse of your eye. The app is easy to use and quick to cater to. Simply upload the picture; meanwhile, you will get the result in the run time.

By August on 2023-10-05
My husband always said to our child that he wasn't my child, and he wasn't ready to do a DNA test just because he had blue eyes. But at home, this was cleared by just an app. Thanks, Face DNA, for this convenience.

By Marcus W. Taylor on 2022-05-27
I loved every bit of this App, from convenience to uploading to accurate results—more power to you guys. Keep the ease high for people. You guys are doing a great job.

By Marcus W. Taylor on 2022-05-27
I loved every bit of this App, from convenience to uploading to accurate results—more power to you guys. Keep the ease high for people. You guys are doing a great job.