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Feel free to contact us at (239) 533-0017 and we will be grateful to assist you in scheduling time for your appointment over the phone call at the nearby center to your location. Your weekend appointment can be scheduled and arranged in several areas within some hours.

Face IT DNA Technology has very good and strong relationships with hundreds of hospitals and clinics all over the country. It means you are able to schedule a personal visit with a skilled and professional healthcare provider to have DNA paternity testing completed just about anywhere nearby your location. An individual may say “You can assist me to find out an Ft. Myers DNA Testing center nearby my location?” That’s absolutely correct. Ft. Myers DNA Testing partner to provide discounted court admissible mouth swab and blood draw DNA paternity collections. We are providing customized support in some particular areas such as Sibling DNA Testing, Prenatal DNA Testing (gender reveal and paternity before the baby is born), DNA Passport Testing, Grandparent DNA Testing, and Deceased Persons Blood Card Testing, discounted nearby low-cost DNA Paternity Testing, Drug Testing, and more!

Face IT DNA Technology has been trusted by hundreds of doctors, hospitals, and government agencies for various kinds of immigration, prenatal DNA and related services.

With one simple free call, chat or email to our team, Ft. Myers DNA Testing can help you in getting the suitable and appropriate DNA test as per your specific requirements.

Ft. Myers DNA Testing offer:

  • Free consultations to discuss and find out if DNA Face Matching from home or DNA blood testing in a local clinic is the best alternative for you.
  • A large number of locations across the United States.
  • Home DNA Face Scans provide very fast and same day results! Office visit blood testing and buccal/mouth swab testing can be completed the same day after collecting your DNA.
  • Coupons and Discounts are available.
  • We designed the systems and strategies behind DNA Facial Recognition.
  • DNA collection kits delivered directly to your location for the discreet test.
  • 24 hour messaging and expert communication for your important DNA Face Matching and Paternity Queries.
  • Confidential results for DNA and Face Matching office visit testing.
  • Ability to submit photos unidentified.
Ft. Myers DNA Testing provides DNA results the same day with easy photo upload options and money back guarantee.

Its basic package is $38 and takes time less than 5 minutes to get completed online which may change your life. It may figure out and resolve your paternity and DNA ancestry queries you’ve had for a long period of time. The test is fully confidential and doesn’t disclose to people. You can submit your photos unrevealed. The testing is done right from your computer system or mobile phone by uploading each person’s picture. After that, our team does the rest. And We compare and analyze the 2 photos and Face IT DNA technology has the ability to provide an algorithmic report result that tells some suggestion for the possibility of whether two people may be related or not. Science currently helps and supports this service for Sibling, Grandparent, Uncle, Father, Aunt, Cousin, Father, and ancestry DNA Face testing.

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Paternity Testing

Face IT DNA Technology (FIDT) provides legal and reasonable paternity tests. The testing can help in custody cases, child support cases, passport testing, social security advantages, birth certificate DNA name changes, employment insurance advantages and so much more. We also offer in-home paternity tests. Face IT DNA Technology’s paternity testing can assist you in finding out who may be related to who. This reason is what we’re known for and what we established our research towards. And We provide fast and reliable results for the evidence of a biological relationship. Blood draw and mouth swab testing will guarantee 100% accurate and reliable results. DNA Face Matching produces a success rate in precise and accuracy of roughly 92%. Blood and mouth test is used for court legal matters and Face DNA testing is generally used for personal testing. Message support@facednatest.com or 833-322-3362 to answer your queries confidentially.

Non-Invasive Paternity Testing

Non-invasive paternity testing enables you to establish and authorize paternity before the baby is even born. You can get this testing performed as early as the 8th week of your pregnancy. And You must remember always that you get what you pay for with this testing. Don’t go for the lowest cost for something so crucial and serious. You’ll regret it. So Call 833-322-3362 even if you don’t select us we can point and guide you in the correct direction.

Immigration DNA Testing

Some people have the authority of becoming citizens through an immigration DNA test. So you will be scheduled for an interview by the Department of Immigration or the US Consulate. During this procedure. And you are required to provide the evidence of the definitive biological relationship between a petitioner and a beneficiary. And our lab is AABB accredited and can have a comparison between the DNA samples of the petitioner in the U.S. and the DNA collected at the UCIS office or US Embassy of the beneficiary. We will send your testing results personally to the immigration office, your attorney and your home. So Call 800-349-6233 for immigration DNA testing related questions. Contact 833-322-3362 for questions related to the Passport DNA services.

AABB Immigration Testing

Looking for an AABB Immigration Test near your location? Face IT DNA Technology LLC has been a trusted provider for nearly about 2 decades. Every day our Face Matching professionals deal with the cases of thousands of individuals and families. We are also able to offer our testing services across the United States of America through our large network of sample collection sites. And No matter where you live, we can assist you in finding out a DNA testing location near your address. So Our objective is to assist our clients to receive the right information, absolute privacy, affordable yet dependable fast results and the most accurate, precise and easily accessible DNA testing services possible. Call us now at 833-322-3362.

Office Visit Relationship DNA Testing

We are providing a range of relationship DNA testing which includes test between aunt, uncle, siblings, cousin, children, twins, grandparents testing and more others. There are a great number of relationships that can be figured out and verified through DNA testing so don’t hesitate to contact our experts or advice on the correct testing for your situation. So Call 833-322-3362.

Want To Learn About Face DNA Testing From Home

The Cost For Paternity Tests Are As Follows

  • Non-Legal paternity test AT YOUR LOCAL OFFICE (one child and one alleged father): $199
  • Non-Legal home DNA test kit MAILED TO YOU (for one child and one alleged father): $180
  • Legal paternity test (one child and one alleged father): $350

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