Face IT DNA LLC offers mobile DNA collections to homes, Government offices, jails and commercial establishments. DNA testing services for law enforcement agencies, lawyers and other people who work in the judicial system.

Forensic DNA is often used in solving a crime, but it’s also useful in issues involving inheritance or relationships to a deceased person.

We are highly skilled in this type of DNA collection and are aided by state-of-the-art technology. The lab we use, DNA Diagnostic Center (DDC) is accredited with the American Association of Blood Banks, or AABB. We’re proud of the expert assistance we can provide to our clients.

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Part of the reason DNA evidence is so useful is because DNA is inside every part of the body including:

  • Hair strands or follicles
  • Blood and bodily fluids including sweat, saliva, mucus, etc.
  • Fingernails, skin cells and bones

Such samples are often found on:

  • Clothing, including socks, sweatshirts, underwear and hats.
  • Bed sheets or bath towels
  • Discarded tissues, condoms, bandages, cigarette butts, etc.
  • Drinking glasses and silverware
  • Abandoned weapons, tape, or gloves, and more.

Sweat, skin cells, blood, bodily fluid, and hair samples are often found at crime scenes. Samples are collected by swabbing or by preserving any item on which DNA could reside. In the past, law enforcement departments have been criticized for poorly handling evidence in investigations, which can have disastrous results. So, regardless of how robust forensic DNA testing becomes, the utmost care should always be taken to eliminate the possibility of human error.

What is a forensic sample?

Forensic Samples. Can the presence of blood, sperm or semen be detected on an item of clothing or other materials/objects? Yes. Testing can be performed to confirm the presence of blood, sperm and/or semen in a sample. What is the best sample to take from a dead body for DNA testing?

What is DNA testing used for?

The test is used to determine whether a family relationship exists between two people, to identify organisms causing a disease, and to solve crimes. Only a small sample of cells is needed for DNA fingerprinting. A drop of blood or the root of a hair contains enough DNA for testing.

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