infidelity testInfidelity testing starts by submitting an item that you suspect may be involved in the affair, along with a DNA sample from you and/or your partner. Items can be anything from condoms, underwear, tampons, maxi pads, clothing, sheets, towels, tissues, Q-Tips, semen, etc. The item is examined for the presence of a DNA profile – one that does not match the DNA samples you submitted of yourself or your suspected partner.

Speculating without proof that a partner is cheating can be extremely stressful. That’s why we are committed to COMPLETE accuracy and confidentiality above all. You never even have to give us your phone number when you set up a case with us. Let us ease your concern by offering reliable, accurate DNA results that are laboratory based. The nature of infidelity testing requires the utmost confidentiality, and we take extra precautions to help you discretely answer your questions. Remember you never even have to give us your phone number, leave an email address or home address when you set up a case with us.

Face IT DNA LLC Infidelity Testing

Infidelity testing can have a HUGH impact on your life – don’t take chances with inaccurate, unreliable results that provide false results. Call Face IT DNA LLC today at 833-322-3362 to get started with the most trusted infidelity testing available. Remember you’ll be backed by one of the largest AABB Accredited laboratory in the Country.

Why DNA evidence matters

These days, it’s possible to buy an over-the-counter “infidelity kit”, but they don’t offer DNA testing that is performed by trained PHD’s. They are home based and not laboratory based. You usually would take blotting paper from a Spy kit you by online or from a Spy shop and rub the blotting paper on a suspicions garment. The paper will SOMETIMES turn a certain color if the stain is semen. Some have commented that this test is unreliable and inconsistent. These are the clients that tend to use us for our lab-based test.

That’s why it’s best to go with a company such as Face IT DNA LLC for definitive answers to your crucial questions. It keeps you from spending money twice and wasting funds on an unreliable home-based test. We’ll discuss your situation and give you advice on how to proceed when it comes to getting the objects to us for testing. We’ll also take steps to ensure that the situation remains private.

Unfortunately, sexual infidelity is a serious issue all across the country, affecting millions of people. If you have valid suspicions that your partner is cheating, it’s best to know the truth sooner rather than later. This way, you can move on with your life in any way you decide. At least you’ll know the truth!