Sibling DNA test by the facial recognition system

The sibling DNA test is done to prove the Biological relationship between two individuals. With the help of facial recognition, we can easily match the unknown faces easily. Moreover, we can know the genetic common traits. The DNA Match sibling test is very commonly used by the facial recognition system. Now, EDPEC (Electronic DNA Facial Point Connectivity) is used which is the latest technology. Here, you can scan easily and very quick you can get results. With the development of information technology, facial recognition techniques are getting more advanced.

There are some techniques of facial recognition:

  1. 3-dimensional recognition:

Here, 3D sensors are used to identify the face. You can easily design the feature of a face by this technique. A new method is also used which includes the use of 3 tracking cameras. One is pointed at the front, second at the side and the last one pointed at a certain angle. All cameras work together and provide accurate picture recognition.

  • Thermal cameras

New techniques help in capturing images from thermal cameras. Here, artificial intelligence and machine learnings to compare facial imagery between conventional and thermal cameras.

  • Skin Texture Analysis

Here, visual details of the skin are taken. You can take the picture from a patch of skin. By algorithm, change the skin patch into measurable & mathematical space. Then, the system makes given terms into actual skin types.

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