Facial recognition software uses in the paternity test

Paternity facial recognition TX

With the help of facial recognition software, we can easily predict the paternity results of particular individuals. Now, technology is so advanced that we can match two photos and can know about genetic relations. Facial recognition technology is a new tool to gather information about the alleged father and son. This tool is also very important to find missing people. The computer compares all features of particular individuals and after that can show results that these two are related to each other or not.

How Paternity facial recognition TX technology works

  1. Measuring the face: Facial recognition technology measures the face includes distance between two eyes, length of the jawline, the width of the nose and many other comparisons. Your all face is scanned properly.
  2. Technology used: Electronic DNA Facial Point Connectivity (FPC) is a process that can face patterns of two people. This biometric process uses 60+ point facial connectivity,

Benefits of this technology in a paternity test

  • In paternity, facial recognition is very helpful. By matching the faces of father and son, experts can confirm their relations.  
  • Very affordable technology in paternity tests as compared to invasive or non-invasive prenatal paternity tests.

Facednatest helps in determining the paternity results by advanced technology i.e. EDFPC. You will get services from the team of certified DNA testing experts. Your picture paternity test is very easy to do and comes under your budget.

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