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DNA Facial Recognition

DNA Facial recognition is a process of matching the faces of two particular individuals through DNA techniques. In facial recognition, DNA plays an important role. The latest technique “EDFPC” helps in recognizing the face. This is basically a biometric process which uses a 60+ point facial connectivity. Experts can match the genetic traits of selected individuals easily by the EDFPC process.

Facial recognition process

This process is very simple, only needs 3 steps

  • First, you have to upload your photo
  • Fill your information about your personal traits
  • At last, By the EDFPC process, your face will be scanned through facial point connectivity.
  • Get results on the same day

By visiting “Facednatest.com”, you can do your facial recognition test and there are also other options like Paternity testing, Immigration testing, Sibling testing, Forensics and many more. Facial recognition is not a time taking process, even you will get results on the same day and also do this test at your home. Contact our DNA testing professionals and get to know about more techniques and procedures of DNA testing. In case of any problems, you can contact any time and also will be guided during all processes. Our services are affordable and easily accessible all over the USA.

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