What you should know about avuncular testing

Avuncular testing

Avuncular testing is mainly done when there is an unavailability of father or mother and then DNA testing is based on the uncle/aunt or nephew/niece. By this testing, we can confirm the paternity or maternity status. In testing for male relatives, Y chromosome testing is preferred because, with the help of this chromosome, we can know about the sharing of male lineage. In maternity, child’s DNA is compared with the DNA profile of a mother.

When avuncular testing is preferred

In many cases, avuncular testing is very much preferred like insurance claims, sponsorship in immigration, establishing paternity and many other social benefits. When direct ancestors are not available then avuncular testing plays an important role for various proofs. For many legal scrutinies, this testing is considered very effective. Face DNA Test professionals can help you in regarding Avuncular DNA testing procedures like Aunt Uncle Face Match TX. Other than Y chromosome testing, the face matching process can help DNA testing experts in matching your DNA profiles with Uncle or Aunt. The major benefit is that all DNA testing process comes under your budget and visit “facednatest.com” for getting other DNA services like Paternity testing, Prenatal DNA testing, face recognition, Immigration, and forensics.

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