How picture DNA testing can predict your paternity?

Paternity picture comparison

Paternity facial recognition process is considered very affordable and also very easy to do. In facial recognition, paternity is confirmed by matching the faces of the alleged father and son. The face matches can be done software in which all face traits are compared to know the paternity. The main benefit that you can also do this test at home.

By using the process EDFPC (Electronic DNA facial point connectivity), you can get your fast facial recognition results. In some cases, we also use the DNA phenotyping process. DNA phenotypes also can be used for forensics. In DNA phenotyping, we can predict the appearance of a person more clearly.

The benefit of Paternity picture testing

Affordable: You just need software for this and there no surgery involved. The picture DNA testing is considered a very traditional method and is also used for crimes or missing people issues.

Home tests: You also can use this method at home. It doesn’t take a long time and is also very easy to understand. You can buy a whole home DNA test kit and can do the test by own.

Quick results: you can get paternity test results on the same day and hence, choose by many people.

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