Face DNA Test Houston Texas Procedure

Houston Texas facedna test

Photo DNA test Houston Texas uses the latest technology “Electronic DNA Facial Point Connectivity” which is a biometric process and uses a 16 point facial connectivity system. The unique patterns manually scan your facial features including nose, eyes, chin, forehead, the thickness of your lips, eyebrow patterns, the structure of cheekbones, width of the mouth, etc. Because of this scanning, experts can determine certain inherited genetic traits. These traits are helpful in predicting the paternity, sibling, and many other biological relationships.

Houston Texas Face DNA Test procedure

This test is very easy as in this case, DNA testing experts calculate your facial point connectivity which decides your biological relationships. The test is done in the following steps:

  1. First, you have to upload photos of you and another person with whom you want to check your relationship status.
  2. Answer the personal trait questionnaire which contains all your personal information.
  3. In last, Face DNA Test professionals will use electronic DNA facial point connectivity on your provided photographs. On the basis of scanning results, experts will calculate your genetic relationship results.

Contact Face DNA test professionals in Houston, Texas, and get your photo DNA test results on the same day. This test is considered very affordable and quick to predict various DNA results such as paternity results.

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