How Patterns of Inheritance can affect your Ancestry DNA results?

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After taking an ancestry DNA test, you expect the same ethnicity results as of your siblings, but it’s not true; your result is based on the inheritance patterns and your brother or sister can have a different inheritance from you. The main thing is that you can’t inherit more than half of an ancestor’s DNA. There are some reasons described below which show that why you may not have inherited certain DNA:

  • DNA Inheritance is random
  • There is not any certain inheritance pattern such as it is not necessary to inherit 25% DNA from each grandparent, and 12.5% from each great grand-parent, and so on.
  • At most, only half of the DNA can be passed

The perfect ethnicity estimation is still in progress as all DNA testing centers do ancestry testing on the basis of current reference data and knowledge. Hence, you can expect different results from two different AABB Accredited DNA test centers because of the different reference records. Scientists around the world are working hard to improve the accuracy of ethnicity estimation.

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There are many renowned and certified Ancestry DNA test California professionals who can help you get updated ancestry results. It would be better if you do proper research before choosing any DNA testing center as many centers don’t use advanced testing technologies for getting ancestry results.

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