How accurate is a paternity DNA Test?

Paternity DNA Test Services

When you are dealing with questions of paternity, it is likely that accuracy is of the highest concern. Establishing paternity correctly has an important impact on the life of a child as well as their parents. A lot of factors into a variety of legal situations that includes child support, child custody, benefits, and more.

For this reason, opting for a high-quality DNA paternity test is of the importance. The accuracy of DNA testing for paternity depends largely on the method of testing, including who administers the test and how it is processed. Choosing the wrong testing option can not only result in invalid results, but it can also lead to wasted money and time on data that a legal court will not accept.

How accurate are DNA Tests?

If you’ve ever questioned the accuracy of DNA tests, the simple answer is that, a DNA paternity test with correctly administered is between 90 and 99 percent accurate. That said, selecting the right method of testing is the most important factor in ensuring the highest accuracy level.

How accurate is a paternity DNA Test

There are two important categories of DNA testing, each one used and conducted very differently. Though each one serves its own purpose, it is very important to clearly understand their differences.

Legal DNA testing is conducted in a professional lab setting, often using a blood test. A strict procedure is followed to prevent contamination of the sample or any tampering with results, and the lab plays the role of the neutral third party. A legal DNA test provides results that can be used in a court of law, such as in child custody cases, child support proceedings, and other legal situations.

Non-legal DNA testing does not supply court-admissible results. These types of tests are often conducted at an individual’s home, using a kit that requires just a quick cheek swab. Although these kits can be a convenient option for those confirming paternity for personal reasons, there are many factors that can affect the accuracy of the results, including the quality of the kit, the lab that analyzes the sample, and even your ability to correctly collect the sample.

How do I opt for a reliable DNA Paternity Testing Laboratory?

If you are looking for Prenatal DNA Paternity results you can trust, choose a professional lab with highly-trained lab technicians. The lab should be able to confirm that their results are legally-admissible, as well as provide information about the AABB-certification.

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