How to choose a reliable DNA testing laboratory ?

prenatal dna testing

When you decide to have a DNA test, you have various options for DNA testing laboratories, but you should choose a reliable one so that you don’t get into any legal trouble later. On the internet, there are lots of dishonest websites that do illegal works and can scam you.


AABB Accredited DNA test Brooklyn


Some will even give you a fake DNA test, so to protect yourself you can take the help of AABB Accredited DNA test Brooklyn, whose certified professionals will perform a genuine test which you can use for all legal cases.

There are the main things which you should know:

  • Your DNA test is done by the AABB accredited laboratory
  • Check how many DNA locations (also called genetic markers or loci) are tested by your   services in the initial test. Though, sixteen DNA locations are recommended in the initial test.
  • The minimum guaranteed probability of paternity is 99.99%, so you should know about this minimum guaranteed probability of your chosen DNA testing laboratory before you go for the DNA testing.

AABB Accredited DNA test Brooklyn  services follow all required parameters for a reliable DNA testing laboratory. You can do all types of DNA testing such as paternity, prenatal testing, immigration DNA testing, forensics, ancestry, face recognition, and many more.

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