Various Ultrasounds You May Get During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy ultrasounds provide all valuable information regarding fetuses such as baby growth, abnormalities, due date, carrying multiples information, the position of the placenta, sex of your baby, and many other things.

How many ultrasounds can you get during pregnancy?

  • Early pregnancy ultrasound (6-8 weeks)

This ultrasound may take place when you are around 6-8 weeks pregnant. Many doctors conduct this exam if you have certain high-risk pregnancy conditions, including abdominal pain, bleeding, and history of miscarriage, and certain birth defects. At the 6th week of pregnancy, it is possible to see the baby’s heartbeat. Your baby’s due date also can be predicted.

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  • Nuchal Translucency ultrasound (14-20 weeks)

Between the 14th and 20th weeks, you can go for the Nuchal Translucency (NT) test to detect Down syndrome and other chromosomal disorders. Women whose screening tests revealed potential problems, having the age of 35 or older, or have a family history of birth defects should consider this ultrasound.

  • Third-trimester ultrasounds

If you have high blood pressure, low levels of amniotic fluid, bleeding, preterm contractions, or the age above 35-your doctor may perform ultrasounds tests during your third trimester period. The Doppler Fetal Monitoring is also preferred in this trimester for those women who suffer from gestational diabetes. This test will help you to know if your baby is getting enough blood.

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