Eye color test procedure for proving paternity?

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Eye color tests can also help you in determining paternity. It is true that children inherit eye color from their parents. It means a baby’s eye color is a combination of the parents’ eye colors. In a very unusual case, it can happen that blue-eyed parents have a brown-eyed child or vice-versa. There is no 100 percent definite rule; here, you can only go by a percent.

The inheritance of such traits has not always come true because in some cases, eye color can change. Many newborns have blue eyes that become green or brown when they grow-up. But, you still try at a particular stage when you can expect no change in eye colors.

Below, you can see various combinations of likely baby eye color inherited from parents. Our both parents play a very important role in forming a child’s eye color and hence, we can do a Paternity facial recognition TX test where eye traits can also prove paternity.

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The picture paternity test professionals can help you in a paternity test, but the inheritance of eye color is not that simple as you are expecting because it is polygenic means eye-color traits are not influenced by only one gene. In fact, multiple genes work together. Because of this, you can see some exceptions in your paternity results.

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