How DNA testing can help a COVID-19 patient?


In new research, DNA testing can help COVID-19 patients. This can happen by genetic variants of ACE2; this is a protein that is identified as the entry point for the SARS-COV-2 to enter into the human cells and also is the key point of entry for the coronavirus.

Los Angeles DNA Testing for genetic variations

With the help of genotyping of the ACE2, doctors improve the COVID-19 patient’s health. By searching the genetic database, we can identify the several genetic variants of individuals to know how the coronavirus binds with protein and enters the human cell. These genetic variations can influence the severity of the disease and because of this, clinicians can do more effective treatment to control the COVID-19.

Genetic variations in men and women

Men with COVID-19 are dying at twice the rate of women dying with the same disease.  This happens because the gene for ACE2 lies on the X-chromosome means men have a single version of the gene. They are more susceptible to the virus whereas women have 2 copies of the gene which makes them more immune to the coronavirus.

Genetic testing Los Angeles helps in DNA testing which may save your life in this ongoing pandemic situation. Here, you can also go for more testing such as prenatal testing, paternity testing, face recognition, and forensics.

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