Where can one purchase a Home DNA Test Kit and how it works?

home DNA Testing

Home DNA Test kit is used when we don’t need the result for legal reasons like child support or custody. The testing allows you to collect the samples for analysis at home. This process is done through the use of a swab that is rubbed along the inside of the mouth in the cheek area.

Once we shipped you a DNA kit you’ll do a simple cheek swab and mail it directly to our CLIA-certified laboratory for processing. We even pay for overnight shipping to get the samples back to our lab asap. We’ll email you that shipping label after your order. Results are available via phone, email and copy to your home.

All you need to follow these steps for home DNA testing:

Step 1: Call Face IT DNA to Get Started, or Order Online

You can call or order online. We will describe the entire process, and make sure you get the RIGHT test for your personal situation. We ship the kit right to your door.

Step 2: Collect DNA

After receiving the kit, collect a DNA sample with a simple cheek swab.  Use the prepaid envelope included in your kit to submit your DNA or send it via first-class USPS or courier service.

Step 3: Receive Results Right to your Email

For guaranteed accurate results we run your test twice. Most other DNA testing laboratories don’t take this extra step for every paternity test.

Face IT DNA provides a home DNA Test in California which is the most affordable and accurate DNA paternity testing. Our DNA testing is generally performed by the DNA Diagnostic Center (DDC), which is accredited with the American Association of Blood Banks, or AABB. This is very important when it comes to getting accurate, legal results each time. If you have any query about this then Contact us 833-322-3362 or visit us here

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