How forensic DNA test works?

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Forensic DNA test is all about knowing the information on crime sites. Many investigators use forensic DNA for capturing the convicts. In past times, when there is forensic related DNA knowledge there was very tough to solve the crimes. Now, researchers have found the forensic DNA concepts which involve collecting DNA from many physical items like brush, remote, towel, door-knobs, etc. which may be used by criminals. The DNA can be found in anything of a human being such as semen, skin, hair and many others. Blood is also very well known as an excellent source of DNA collected from the white blood cells. It can also be obtained from the heads of sperm cells. Everyone has a unique DNA pattern. In some cases, there are mixtures of DNA. This is the main reason that forensic experts read mixture DNA carefully. If little DNA recovered from any site, Investigators are able to solve any big crime. Even, they can find evidence from the pry bar or a firearm that may be used to do a crime.

DNA Forensic Techniques:

  1. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Analysis

In this case, millions of DNA replicas are made from a single DNA. This technique is very beneficial when the very small size of DNA is found. PCR analysis is often used in minuscule DNA sample sizes.

  • Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP)

This technique was used earlier when forensic DNA science was not so advanced. Here, a larger sample size is needed. In the RFLP technique, different lengths of DNA are analyzed. These fragments are made by digestion of a DNA sample with a restriction endonuclease enzyme.

  • Mitochondrial DNA Technique

This technique is used when DNA Sample is unable to analyze by PCR and RFLP techniques. Mitochondrial DNA is removed from the mitochondria of a cell. Even, this DNA helps in finding the missing person because old sample DNA always contains the Mitochondrial DNA part.

  • Y chromosome analysis

Y chromosome passes from a male to his son. Hence, can be very beneficial for finding any evidence involving many males.

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