Get to know about Grandparentage & Noninvasive DNA Paternity testing

DNA Paternity testing

Grandparentage Testing and noninvasive DNA paternity testing are very common testing because of used by people most of the time.

Grandparent face match is done when we don’t know about parents’ history and do researches on the basis of grandparents. In recent times, because of divorces and remarriages, many kids are living with grandparents and this test is very popular in western countries.

Grandparentage Testing is used in mainly following causes

  1. Immigration causes
  2. Social Security benefits
  3. Inheritance claims


On the other hand, a Noninvasive DNA paternity test helps you to find the unborn child’s father while pregnancy. This DNA test is very safe to use because doctors do test with the help of cffDNA. This DNA is considered best for the paternity test. After 2 hours of delivery, cffDNA is undetectable in women’s bodies. This comes out of the placenta and doesn’t include surgical instruments which make this noninvasive DNA paternity Test very safe to operate.

Benefits of Noninvasive DNA Paternity Testing

  1. There is no risk to baby and mother.
  2. Accuracy is 9%.
  3. No need for the involvement of a doctor as a test can be done outside.
  4. Can be informed about the baby’s health in the uterus.
  5. This test can be done in the 10th week of pregnancy.

dna home test


A noninvasive paternity test is considered better than an invasive paternity test because of easy handling of all procedures and also not an issue of complex medical treatment.

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