Reasons to test Mitochondrial DNA testing

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The mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is directly maternally inherited, you have the same mtDNA as your mother. This mtDNA will be the same as your maternal grandmother, and her mother, and so on, continue for ten generations or more. Both males and females have mtDNA, which is passed on from their mothers, which means this testing can be done by either sex.


People prefer Mitochondrial DNA Testing for these reasons which are mentioned below:


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  • Disappearing mtDNA line

The mtDNA testing provides information about the direct female ancestral line. In many cases, people lost their historical record of female ancestors, and with the help of mtDNA testing, they can gather information regarding the lost maternal line.

  • Brick wall in your research

In this case, you can take the help of experienced and authorized DNA testing services near you, it can help you in clearing all blocks in your genealogy research. After some time, you may get some hints of your mystery ancestor.

  • Female ancestor with unknown ethnicity

If you are confused about a female ancestor with unknown ethnicity, then mtDNA can help you in confirming the ethnicity of your female ancestor. By knowing ethnicity, individuals can know about their past unknown ethnicity which is related to the maternal line.


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