How online picture DNA test is the easiest way to confirm a relationship?

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Picture DNA Test Online can prove your relationship with a particular person with a face matching process. In DNA facial recognition, there is no need for any surgery; with the help of a biometric process, called EDFPC (Electronic DNA Facial Point Connectivity) which can scan your face and compares the related facial traits to another person’s facial features.


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Face DNA Test’s EDFPC process uses unique patterns to manually scan the structure of the eyes, forehead, jaw edge, chin, a width of the mouth, eyebrow patterns, ear size, the thickness of lips, nose radius, etc. By using a patented 16 point facial connectivity system, DNA professionals can easily determine the genetic relationship of two people.


Steps of online picture DNA test:

  • First, you need to upload your clear photo; remember to remove eyeglasses where possible
  • Answer the personal traits questionnaire, including some related facial traits information
  • In last, your Electronic DNA Facial Point Connectivity (EDFPC) will be calculated


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