Briefly description of the immigration DNA process

Immigration DNA testing process

Immigration DNA test Fort Worth is here to help you in getting immigrate to the USA with a systematic procedure. Without a proper immigration process, your relatives can’t stay with you. According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), you have to show proof of your biological relation with visitors. There are also many illegal immigrants come to the USA and in this case, DNA testing plays an important role. Even, the government is taking the help of DNA to get all information about the particular immigrant.

The procedure of Immigration DNA test Fort Worth

  • First, you have to fill a form i-130 which is a petition for whom you want to bring in the USA. Here, write all important things about you and your relative like relationship status, DOB, attorney information, etc.
  • Contact registered DNA testing center for having an Immigration DNA testing process. There are many affordable or Cheap DNA testing TX centers like “facednatest”.
  • In last, you will get your Immigration DNA testing result copy which can you forward to USCIC for your case.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services will send you a confirmation receipt notice (I-797C) which will arrive you in 2-3 weeks. In last, your 1-130 application will be approved 12-24 months. For immigration visas, you may have to wait further longer i.e. four to ten months.

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