How Y-Chromosome DNA Testing differs from the mtDNA test

Y chromosome DNA testing

The Y chromosome DNA testing is used to know the father-son relationships. This chromosome is transferred the same from father to son. Women have no Y chromosome and hence if any women want to do the paternity test then she has to ask her relative to do this test on her behalf.

Y chromosome DNA testing details

The main benefit of this testing is that you can know all the ancestry records of your father’s side. Ancestry DNA testing can be done by the Y chromosome testing technique. In some cases, where rights have to be taken for father’s surname then this Y chromosome testing plays an important role. The STR (short tandem repeats) marker on the Y chromosome tells that two particular individuals are related to each other’s or not. If the two individuals have the same repeated sequences then they are related to each other. The number of repeated sequence explains the nature of closeness between them.

How the Y chromosome test differs from the mtDNA test

Mitochondrial DNA testing is totally related to the Mother. The main difference between the Y DNA test & mtDNA test is that later testing can’t tell you how much you are related to your mtDNA matches. The other main difference is that the mtDNA test is not considered very useful in genealogy research. The main reason behind is that women keep changing their surnames. The mtDNA also changes very slowly and can remain the same in dozens of generations.

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