How DNA techniques transformed facial recognition technology

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With the inclusion of DNA technology into the facial recognition system, it becomes more penetrative. In the past, the facial recognition process had many faults. In some cases, this process caused confusion. But as DNA technology is evolving, facial recognition is also developing. Now, with the help of the DNA of a particular person, anyone can predict his face. Now, if any criminal used a mask, but because of fingerprints or other evidence, his face can be predicted. This technology leads to finding missing people. With the available genes, the scientist can develop DNA facial mapping.

Some terms to remember in the facial recognition DNA test

  1. DNAFM: It is called as DNA facial mapping. Here, an individual’s facial features can be determined with the help of certain genes from the DNA of that particular individual. An electronic image is generated through DNAFM by computer programs. This technology is the main reason that without any eyewitness or surveillance camera, we can predict the face of a convict by using his DNA, present on the site.
  2. EDFPC: its full form is electronic DNA facial point connectivity. This is a biometric process that uses some specific face patterns to manually scan human faces. This process is beneficial when matching the inherited genetic traits of particular individuals.
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