DNA technology involvement in facial recognition DNA analysis

facial recognition DNA

At one time, facial recognition DNA analysis was only based on the appearance of the culprit got by CCTV camera or by sketch. In this case, the chances of errors are maximum. Sometimes, the wrong person gets caught because of this, facial recognition without DNA analysis, caused many issues in capturing the actual suspect. Now, Due to the advancement of DNA technology, the scientist can reconstruct the face of a person.

Benefits of DNA in the facial recognition process

More accuracy: By using DNA facial recognition, you can predict any person’s face more accurate. For example, through the evidence of the suspect’s hair, the scientist can know the actual face and will be helpful to arrest him.

In forensics: The other benefit of DNA analysis in facial recognition is that you can easily find the convicts. In forensics, DNA analysis plays an important role.

Genetic Disorder: With the help of the DNA facial recognition process, you can diagnosis any specific genetic problem.

New technologies in facial recognition

“EDFPC” (electronic DNA Facial Point Connectivity) is a technique of facial recognition. Here, the biometric algorithm is used to match the face. Through the EDFPC, you can scan the face more clearly. A 60+ point facial connectivity system is used in this technique.

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