Know your history with Ancestry DNA test

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People are more often interested in their family history, they are curious about knowing more and more. Instead of hearing what their family told them they want to go beyond.

A study shows that more than 460,000 people in the past 6 years have purchased genetic ancestry tests.

The ancestry DNA test examination can provide clues about where a person’s ancestors might have come from. It also helps them to know about the relationship between the families. There are certain patterns of genetic variation which can often share among people of particular backgrounds. Individuals who are more closely, families, typically share the patterns of variation.


If you want to check your ancestor then ancestry lab testing is a wonderful way to research your possible ancestors. It is a better way to understand the family history. Or we can say an additional window to know more about the history of the family.

Get the Ancestry lab testing service from our lab, and this test will provide you with an estimated percentage of ancestry from four different population groups.

• Indigenous American
• European
• East Asian
• African

It would not identify a person’s race, but provides the estimate of genetic heritage. You can find out what region of a particular country your ancestors came from.

How does this work?

The DNA of yours will be compared to scores of records from around the world. Then the report will determine what populations you match. And it will be compared among the patterns of your ancestors. With the help of the personalized map, you’ll be able to see your family’s connections to many parts of the world.

How do DNA tests determine ancestry?

Most of the genetic ancestry tests involve the analysis of snippets of DNA that passed down only through one of the parent either mother or father.

These tests are helpful to identify related individuals who share a common maternal or paternal ancestor.it also help to identify the relation between the people live anywhere on the earth and the people with their genetic signature.

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