What is Amniocentesis? How it’s done?

Amniocentesis process

Amniocentesis is done by taking amniotic fluid. This fluid surrounds the fetus and can be tested for knowing birth defects like Down syndrome and Spina bifida. This test is recommended for women who are above 35 years old. It is safe and also painless but there is also a small chance of miscarriage.

 How Amniocentesis process is done

This is done with the help of a needle and hence it comes under the prenatal invasive technique.  By the guidance of an ultrasound, this needle is inserted through the belly and then passed into the uterus. This is done to take out the sample of amniotic fluid. You need to remember that the Amniocentesis process is done between the 15th & 20th weeks of pregnancy. If your family has a history of birth defects then this test is important for you. There are many genetic disorders that can be avoided by amniocentesis. Before you go for this, you should know whether it is AABB accredited prenatal paternity testing or not.

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