When someone need an Avuncular DNA testing?

Avuncular testing TX is needed when there is an unavailability of parents and you have to prove paternity. In this case, avuncular testing plays an important role. You can also check your relationship with your Uncle or Aunt. This DNA genetic testing is similar to Paternity or Maternity DNA testing.


Reasons for having Avuncular DNA testing

  • The main reason is to know the biological relationship between Niece/Nephew and Uncle/Aunt. Mostly, it is needed when the father is missing or inadequacy of paternity testing.
  • Unlike Paternity DNA testing, avuncular testing is an index based on the genetic material of particular individuals. For Example; if the index value is lower than 1, it means there is no relation between two people and in case of high value than 1, it indicates a biological relation and as value goes high, the probability will be stronger.
Avuncular testing TX

Legal & Non-Legal Aunt Uncle Face Match TX

In legal Avuncular DNA testing, all procedure is documented. Proper details of participants are stored like photographs, valid Government ID.  Minors should have the company of adults and also should have birth certificates, social security or passport.

This legal testing is also needed in cases like claiming social security benefits, child support or other benefits.

If you just want to know whether there is a relationship between you and your uncle or Aunt then you can do private or non-legal Avuncular DNA testing.

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