How early can a Paternity DNA testing be done?

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The earliest time period when a paternity DNA test can be done is 9 weeks gestation. The prenatal paternity test works by obtaining a blood sample from both the Mother and the Father. The DNA of the baby is found within the mother’s bloodstream after nine weeks (fetal DNA testing). Both of the blood samples are being taken by an approved nurse or collector that Face DNA Test will send to your mentioned location.

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Once the samples have been tested at our Prenatal DNA Test laboratory, you can expect results within some 7-10 days. The earliest you get to know about the paternity of a child is 10-12 weeks after conception.

How accurate is the Paternity DNA Testing?

The main aim of the Face DNA Test is to make sure that at least a 99% possibility of whether or not the stated father actually is the father of the child. This approach has been approved by many research and studies. And you will get precise and conclusive results by getting the prenatal paternity DNA test in a similar way as the other DNA testing options.

What types of paternity tests are available?

Relying upon your reasons or situations for getting a paternity test, you can opt to get a home or legal test. A home paternity test is generally used for the peace of mind whereas a legal paternity test is needed for some particular reasons including immigration applications or proving paternity in a court of law.

Can a paternity test be done with a grandparent?

Yes, of course! In some cases where the stated father is not available for testing, the parents of the alleged father can be considered to take a test for determining the biological relationship.

Is consent required for a paternity test?

Each individual who is taking part in the paternity DNA test must give consent in writing to grant their DNA sample to be obtained and tested. To carry out the most precise, conclusive and accurate result, the biological mother should also be tested instead of only testing the child and father.

Want to get more information about DNA testing?

If you want to know more information about which paternity DNA test is right for you, you can visit our website and get to know about various kinds of DNA test. If you are still confused, you can contact at Face DNA center near you or via the contact form and send your queries. One of our DNA testing experts will reach you shortly and resolve your queries.


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